Our Land Use Planning Group provides expertise in the areas of permitting, public process and involvement, land use and development issues, comprehensive planning, Growth Management Act and development regulations. Our Planners have a proven track record and solid reputation working with and supporting our region’s city, county, and state authorities. In addition, our team’s previous experience working in the public sector provides us with the insight to design regulatory solutions and incentive programs that will work on the ground – not just in theory.

In collaboration with the other Triad disciplines, our planners are involved throughout the life of a project – from initial site analysis and feasibility to recording final entitlements. They ask questions of our clients to better understand the project goals and vision. They ask questions of the jurisdictions to better understand any site limitations and regulations.

Then they go to work with strategic thinking, preemptive problem solving, and client advocacy. Spotting red flags early on, raising a question that hasn’t been thought of, or seeing an angle that can take the project where it wouldn’t otherwise be able to go. They do all this for one reason - so you can be sure you've gotten the best possible information and advice.

  • Comprehensive Plan Redesignation
  • Zoning / Rezoning
  • Preliminary Plats
  • Planned Unit Developments
  • Master Planned Developments
  • SEPA Process Management
  • Permit Processing
  • Public Hearing Representation
  • Property Planning & Management
  • Environmental Impact Statement Management & Support