Landscape Architecture

Our Landscape Architects add the details that bring your project to life. They create special places, effective transitions, and a comfortable balance of public and private spaces. They know how to make a lasting first impression with memorable entry monuments and innovative choices in lighting, paving, furnishings and plant materials.

They play a strong role in collaborative site planning and preliminary plat design, and provide graphic support for planning, entitlement and marketing programs. Their designs create spaces that support healthy communities through vibrant plazas, strong streetscapes, engaging trails, natural plantings and active parks - adding character and details matched to your project’s future residents and users.

Often the most visual part of what Triad does, their work needs to stand the test of time - for you, for Triad and for those who will be served by their work for years to come. This team has in-depth experience in school site design, public parks and trails as well as private residential estates. Specialties include:

  • Site Analysis
  • Site Plan Design
  • Park and Open Space Design
  • Wetland & Sensitive Area Design
  • Motorized & Non-Motorized Trail Design
  • Boulevard and Street Improvements
  • Rain Garden and Vegetative Roof Design
  • Low Impact Development Design