Civil Engineering

Triad’s Civil Engineering Department has broad-based expertise in the complexities of land development and infrastructure design. Our Licensed Engineers and Designers have extensive experience working on diverse projects: large stormwater conveyance systems and detention/water quality enhancement facilities, as well as site grading, road design, water and waste water utility extensions and pumping facilities.

Committed to Sustainable Design, Triad's Engineers have contributed to many award-winning, residential communities and demonstration projects, including Kirkland’s Danielson Grove and King County's Shamrock Heights. Our experience includes big-picture methods – cluster development, native area conservation, and transportation issues – to site-specific practices such as tree retention, bio-retention areas, permeable paving, and vegetated roofs.

Our time-tested procedures, developed over 40 years, allow us to deliver drawings and reports that are clean, complete and accurate. And permitting authorities appreciate our innovative, code-compliant and buildable design solutions. This department's design expertise includes:

  • Sanitary Sewer Engineering
  • Water System Engineering
  • Storm Water Engineering
  • Hydraulic/Hydrology Modeling
  • Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Site Development Design
  • Erosion Control Design
  • Low Impact Development Design
  • Grading Design
  • Road Design
  • Construction Documents
  • Construction Observation