Triad's success is based on many factors. One of them certainly is our capable and dedicated team of officers. That's because:

  • Our business runs more smoothly when we draw upon the gifts of many.
  • Our leaders are more professionally fulfilled when actively involved in the business.

Comprised of five Triad veterans, the team's effectiveness is built on a complementary balance of personal strengths and styles, professional abilities and skills.

We expand the firm's leadership body to include exemplary employees through a stock-ownership program. Taking part at this level allows people to directly engage with the company. They feel differently, act differently and care differently with this personal connection to the business side of Triad.

It's simple - the better job we do at running our business, the better job we can do for our clients.

Jeff Cox ASLA, President
Al Fure PE, Senior Vice President
Greg Juneau PLS, Vice President
Rick Tomkins PE, Vice President